What is Hazilan?

A road towards employment

The Hazilan Project is a comprehensive programme of activities aimed at improving the labour market integration of young, qualified people aged between 20 and 44 years old.

A real company project
The aim of the Hazilan Project is to identify the real needs of companies. Qualified professionals will be recruited in accordance with said needs, receiving the required training and resources in order to form part of a motivated team that is committed to the business project.

An innovative solution

Hazilan offers an innovative methodology with a tailor-made programme based on the individual’s skills and the business project in question. This framework allows for the development of personal and professional skills, with participants being offered specialist on-the-job training, internships at the company or the opportunity to participate in the company’s projects.

Objective: employment

The main objective of the Hazilan project is to help participants enter the labour market through an accompaniment programme. It has the following main objectives:

• To improve transversal socio-professional competences and to make participants feel empowered, using tools that make it easier for them to enter the world of work.

• To encourage the labour activation of participants throughout the job search process.

• To improve participants’ professional skills and help them acquire on-the-job experience, giving them a feel for the labour market and their potential professional pathways as a result of the training that they have received.

For phases for employment

The Hazilan Project proposes a four-phased programme that flexibly adapts to the profiles of participants and the business project: Aktibatu, Lanekin, Kokatu and Talentu Ihesa.

>> Aktibatu: activating qualified people

This is the first phase of the programme, marking the beginning of the job insertion accompaniment process. It offers personalised training that serves to improve personal and professional skills such as motivation, initiative, communication, teamwork, etc. It seeks to activate the skills of qualified participants and prepare them for the project, with participants being supported throughout the process by a coach who will help them reach their targets.

>> Lanekin: on-the-job training

The aim of this second phase is for qualified participants to receive specialised training for a specific job in companies who need to hire new staff. The aim is for the participant to get a job at the company itself, which will appoint an instructor to oversee the training and ensure that the participant is aware of their role and responsibilities.

>> Kokatu: internship at the company

This phase is designed so that participants can acquire real-life experience that fits their professional profile. This experience is offered through internships in companies, which are overseen and directed from a mentor at the company.

>> Talentu Ihesa: talents and projects in the company

The objective of this final phase is for participants to improve their professional skills by working on the business projects of companies that are interested in carrying out new activities, with the aim of generating employment. These projects will preferably be related to themes such as internationalisation, innovation and new technologies.

For more information, please visit: http://hazilan.eus/
This activity is carried out within the framework of the POPV FSE 2014-2020 HAZILAN, which is 50% funded by FSE and coordinated by GARAPEN (Basque Association of Development Agencies).